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For most of his career, he used that good health to run Boston every fifth year. But 2018 will be his sixth in a row. After the bombings in 2013 stopped him at the 25 mile mark, Burfoot was determined to return in 2014, and with that he figured he might as well run in […]

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Thank you, Juliano for restoring my faith in . The crust was not excessive (as I feared it would be) it was crisp and just the right amount of chewy. It was topped with loads of chunks of fresh green pepper, onions, sausage, and fresh garlic (thanks, Sariah). To save the world from evil King […]

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Btw, figure skating was not part of Summer Olympics before 1994. Winter and Summer Olympics were held the same year. And it was in 1994 Winter Games to be held every 4 years, while Summer Games continued the regular year cycle in 1992. WRONG! This belief causes hand separations, usually with only the front two […]

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Four regions containing such bulk ice stand out in the map: Promethei Terra in the lower right of the map, Arabia Terra in the upper centre, Arcadia Planitia in the upper left, and Elysium Planetia spanning from the centre right, across the Martian line (180 degrees longitude), to the centre left of the map. The […]

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Innovation: One of Apple co founder Steve Jobs key lessons was to skate to where the puck will be, a figure of speech borrowed from hockey that boils down to anticipating the key action, and avoiding the late hit. Instead of relying on what the customer says they want on a market research survey, for […]

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In the case of RIFA, however, the venom is alkaloid based. The sting, delivered from the ant’s rear end (like bees and wasps which are closely related to ants), begins with pain and itching and then turns into a nasty, painful bump. These bumps are susceptible to breaking open when scratched, which can result in […]

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It’s gotten to the point where the ads are better than the content they surround. Bathrooms and snackfoods go ignored. But for how much longer? Can this scenario continue indefinitely? Will Nike always remain King of Advertisers? I believe the key to Nike’s continued success is very simple. Then, for every player, we calculated a […]

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Imagination: the Core of PerspectiveThis is why Nietzsche contends, in general, that perspectives originate in our drives and in their tendency to dominate each other. A perspective originating in emotions opens up an entirely new horizon. Here it becomes manifest that perspective involves a certain degree of imagination, that what is newly perceived is not […]