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The Indiana Pacers flew under the radar all season because they are not a big market team. However, this team finished 42 24 for the season and are very capable of knocking the Heat out of the playoffs. In game 1, the Heat won the game by nine points and pretty much dominated the whole […]

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The base pumps more than $200 million a year into the local economy, officials said.But D added, “There going to be a new excitement in the community . This says our (local) military is important, too. They getting the latest and the greatest.”Because of their smaller size, C 17s can land and take off on […]

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The best thing we can do is be prepared, should the opportunity arise. Option to the IOC for the 2026 Olympics. While Utah officials have said they’d prefer hosting in 2030, they’ve also said they’re ‘ready, willing and able’ to host in 2026 if it’s an option.. You can find value. The tight end group […]

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However, the chances of getting anywhere near the hole on your second shot are very slim. Chances are you are going to leave yourself a tricky third from the long grass or the bunker. So with your second shot just lay up around 70 yds short of the green. But the boomerang will return, Pep. […]

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126 points submitted 2 days agoIf toxic masculinity is men taking male traits to harmful or even self destructive extremes, possibly in part to “prove” their “manhood”, then it logically follows that toxic femininity is women taking female traits to harmful or even self destructive extremes, possibly in part to “prove” their “womanhood”.In that case, […]

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Sometimes strategy and spin doesn’t work if you’re in an ultracompetitive industry known for offering discounts. If that’s the case, price accordingly. Move the price slightly higher and when the person expresses an interest, find a reason to give the discount. Indeed, it will be a struggle to get on base at times, so you […]

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Cory is a Professional Freerunning Parkour Athlete, Hollywood Stuntman and a Creative force that can’t be stopped. Not only is he a World Champion, Cory has traveled the globe as a Special , Competed in the Biggest competitions, Created some of the Largest Events as well as Projects in the Parkour Freerunning community, and has […]

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Granted, not every single thing needs to be answered. I cool withthe ransom money becoming a MacGuffinas we come to expect from such briefcases in the hands of Lundegaards and Chigurhs. Butthose films were about something else: more to life than a little money or crime you see now, it hard to even take its […]