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The two boys were part of a group of 55 seventh graders from Malvern Preparatory School in Malvern, Pa., that visited the two national landmarks. The students, led by health and physical education teacher Kurt Ruch, made the trip to augment a unit of study centered on each student’s genealogy. The students are using their […]

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I think total numbers are overrated stats because that is more a show of durability and longevity and how long you were in the league. For example, two guys who average the same amount of points, and one came straight out of high school and one played all four years of college will have massively […]

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Tuesday when he was held up at gunpoint, police said. Both suspects are described as Hispanic men. One of the gunmen referred to the other as Javier during the robbery, police said. The chaos is palpable. The uncertainty is as if we are walking into the eye of a storm that is still brewing, and […]

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Upon arriving back home from a week long vacation, I was unpleasantly surprised to return to a house with no cable, internet or phone service. This came at especially bad timing as my wife had recently lost her mobile phone. After calling our provider (Comcast) and getting a generic message about an outage, (post navigating […]

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This time, we’re looking at H who CTV reports has evoked the ire of an Ojibwa Mohawk woman by selling a Native American inspired headdress as a fashion accessory.”You wouldn’t find a colorful hijab or a colorful yarmulke on the shelves as some sort of fashion accessory to wear out to a nightclub or to […]

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He was often gripped by paranoid delusions. In 1982, while filming Warriors in Mexico, he ran naked into the jungle, convinced World War Three had started. He was put on a plane home but jumped out onto the wing as it was about to take off, fearful that the plane was on fire. Work the […]

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Let start with the fact that the dude is huge, 6 with a 7 wingspan. And he pretty quick on his feet, too. Even early on during his lackluster freshman year, he showed the ability to hedge at the top of the key and recover to play solid interior defense. The women’s clothes included lace […]

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Cal pitcher Joey Matulovich was in a groove Saturday night. After the Bears battled back from a 6 0 deficit to win 8 7 in the first game of a scheduled double header, Matulovich was looking to make quick order of Gonzaga. Through six innings and 96 pitches a career high he battled through the […]

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Joe Kovacs may never play, coach or see another basketball game in his life. He may never teach in the classroom at Bushkill Elementary School in Nazareth or yell out instructions on a basketball court to his junior varsity players at Notre Dame. Kovacs, 33, has cancer in his liver and he’s fighting for his […]

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Lo de vestirlas iguales ya es cosa del pasado. Ahora que mi hija mayor est un poco ms grande ya quiere elegir su ropa y su estilo no tiene nada que ver con el de su hermana menor, a ella le gustan los pantalones y la otra dormira en vestido de princesa si fuera posible. […]