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Talk With Your Doctor Joint Problems Original Airdate: 4/2/18 Hosts: Doug Eberhart Talk With Your Doctor; Dr. Bill Burfeind Talk With Your Doctor; Guests: Dr. Jennifer Banzhof Orthopedic Surgeon; Dr. Dr Tony PandolfoA conventional capacitor is just made up of two parallel plates. The larger the plate area, the greater the amount of energy stored. […]

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Another secondary, adjunct component consisted of a short Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) study that attempted to collect ‘real life’ data from participants who had completed the online survey and who wished to put what they had learnt in use and engage in a 24 hour, ‘practice attempt to quit smoking’. Low recruitment and high attrition […]

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Seek to connect beyond the surface topics that come up in business. Make sure people feel you value the time you are spending with them and not looking for the next or more interesting contact in the room. Don’t pull back too much, simply consider your timing, frequency, and depth of conversation. Walking lunges are […]

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I think “vastly underperforming” is a subjective take. When they were 15 10 I don’t think anyone considered them to be underperforming. Now on a three game losing streak they’re on a bit of a downturn. People look at merchandise while holiday shopping at Best Buy on Thursday, Nov. 26, 2015, in Panama City, Fla. […]

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I was seldom the most popular principal with the powers that be but, when someone had a problem, they come to me. Why? Because I was willin to help. And today, at 68, I remain willin to support migrants, Muslims, LGBTQ and anyone else who may be targeted for whatever reason.. UBC has finished enrolling […]

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To both of them, both Jim and Katie have done an excellent job getting our basketball programs to where we nationally recognized and I would never want to do something to set them back or create more challenges for them. Will the switch to Adidas do that? I think that something to see. But when […]