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However, in ExxonMobil’s Climate and Energy Report it says that “We are taking prudent steps on many fronts to address the risks posed by a changing climate, and we also continue to engage the public and policy makers in many ways regarding the issue.” This contradictory speaking reveals a startling about ExxonMobil’s true plan for […]

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Let’s consider an example of the food giant, McDonald’s. The company enjoys a global presence; operating in more than 100 countries serving 70 million people every day. Operations in more than 50 percent of their outlets are franchised. Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon Carrie Fisher and singer Paul Simon pose in doorway of midtown New […]

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As you move, neither you nor the other participants may fall or step off the pole. Two platforms sit approximately 10 feet apart. If you don’t have platforms, designate two areas with cones. The excitement around the potentially historic recognition of “Tangerine,” however, arrives amid an increasing awareness of a massive diversity gap in Hollywood […]