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Russian music focused less on the idea of a focalized motion, rather the inertia of a particular idea, opening up art to a velocity generally not found or felt in the West. Tchaikovsky is less about harmony and more on counterfoiling the melody. The key is repetition; to stay focused on a pattern or a […]

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The Republican Party was definitely hurt by the fact that political viewpoints are now defined by two circles and not one spectrum. Conservatives are stuck wondering how they became the party of racism and alternative facts. More and more Republicans are finding themselves unable to be complacent with their party’s circle. Then when we want […]

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Serge Guimond n’est pas seul regretter l’absence de proposition permettant de ragir la violence. La jeune conceptrice de clips publicitaires de DDB, Mlanie Pennec, a conu la campagne 2015 de la Licra. On y dcouvre, en 7 clips, une srie de propos racistes banals tenus avec dsinvolture. Our prayers are with former coach Ara Parseghian […]

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The Trade Desk was founded with a seemingly simple goal in mind: to help the biggest buyers know what they are buying. Unlike Google, Facebook, and Amazon, which boast massive “walled garden” ad platforms, The Trade Desk is uniquely positioned as an independent platform that supports ad agencies instead of disrupting them. Or so it […]

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Because I facilitate team sessions for a living, I seen lots of team interactions. All kinds of drama, some shouting and tears, but also lots of laughter, joy and bold action. Much about teamwork has been researched, dissected and discussed. Ginsberg broke under the insane pressure of the job. He didn’t seem to have any […]

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William MacCorkle. (Also in the complex: the West Virginia State Museum, where you can see the late Sen. Robert C. Despite struggling to earn a living while an amateur coach, he was reluctant to move overseas. In 1961 he said: “I would never take money off a young chap for coaching . How could you […]

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As other objects were discovered in the neighborhood of Ceres, it was realized that Ceres represented the first of a new class of objects. In 1802, with the discovery of 2 Pallas, William Herschel coined the term asteroid ( for these bodies. As the first such body to be discovered, Ceres was given the designation […]

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On Monday, /u/KevinOConnorNBA detailed in a fantastic article why the Cavs should start trapping. The Cavs have a long and storied history of trapping Curry on a PnR to get the ball out of his hands and make other warriors make plays. In 2015, the Warriors busted this coverage wide open by letting Draymond playmake […]

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On February 25, 1997, the Clinton administration released the names of 800 plus people who stayed overnight in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House. Bill Clinton defended the practice of inviting friends and supporters to stay overnight. The White House also released several hundred pages of documents, such as this one. You’re going to […]