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Because, as you note, every person is different. So the differences in how white people experience America and how people of color experience America will be reflected within each person individual circumstance. It possible to place value on the experience of individuals themselves, while acknowledging that each individual person cannot experience every aspect of life. […]

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He asked Mrs. Bowerman if he could borrow it. He had a vat of urethane in his garage, left over from the installation of the track. An interesting and potentially controversial side note, this concert is enforcing a zero cellphone policy. Arriving at the show, all recording devices will be sealed in a Yondr pouch […]

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But it was a tough climb, requiring multiple attempts by Nike to prove its legitimacy. Nike built its presence by keeping supply artificially low and initially selling only to small skateboard shops what Powell called classic Nike play. It also lavished contracts and marketing dollars on pro skaters like Paul Rodriguez and Eric Koston.. Her […]

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We draw on work adjustment, social learning (SLT) and social information processing (SIP) theories to study our proposed associations. The results of a matched employee manager dataset collected in the Philippines support our hypothesized model. This study highlights that individualization of HR practices need not be a zero sum game.. Again, I would die defending […]

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“I’m standing right now while I’m talking on the phone,” he said. While the group endorses the use of sit/stand desks, Bradley said there are other activities that can get people to move for two hours during the work day. “Taking your calls standing. There is always potential for conflict and incompatibility in the workplace. […]