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For there are problems with knowledge too, and here the financial sector is particularly prone to using the wrong knowledge in the wrong way. The financial sector persists in looking at past performance as if it was somehow meaningful. As Tom Fitzgerald points out, this is akin to driving while only looking in the rear […]

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As with all the other Timexes(?) I owned, I hate the mechanism to set the date, but I absolutely LOVE it otherwise. The green looks amazing in the sunshine and I think once the tan band gets a patina from regular use, it will look even better. Oh, another thing, but then it might be […]

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Venice The City on an IslandThe origins of Venice are ancient; the first settlements on the islands of the sheltered Venetian lagoon probably date at least to the final days of the Roman Empire, although fishermen had been gaining a livelihood here a long time before that. By the 5th to 6th centuries AD successive […]

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Reg Shah has seen his share of jewellery fads come and go during his decades long career in the industry. So when Pandora jewellery first entered Canada in 2004, he wasn sure how it would be received. Still, when a good friend told him about its long history and success in Europe, he decided to […]

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But as they moved on to more comfortable venues, the original sonic limitations persist. Leo Pellegrino baritone saxophone, Matt Doe trumpet, and David Parks drums do not define a typical trio sound, so it makes sense that they came up with their own stylistic spin, think the best art is created through limitations and parameters, […]