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Surprisingly, given its proximity to Silicon Valley and higher scoring schools, I think that Scotts Valley is a much better value than Santa Cruz City. There is also more inventory. It is extremely difficult to find a house under $850K in Santa Cruz proper that has more than 2 bedrooms, isn’t on a major street, […]

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The one that resonated the most was Walt Disney original plan for EPCOT in Florida before he died in 1966 and his company eventually decided to turn into another theme park.original vision, more than anyone else was the one that inspired us because he really got that integration of urbanism and technology right, Doctoroff said, […]

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Soulful Eyes. Sees Dead People. and the listener’s likely to say, “Ooh, like ” But tell the “ParaNorman” filmmakers that some people are making that comparison to the ’90s thriller, and they reply passionately in unison:Co directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell volley the charge swiftly, as though they’ve heard it before. Their bet is […]

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After Ultron, Doom returns home to Sokovia to rebuild his country.On his own, have Reed somehow get his team to the Negative Zone where they get blasted with superpowers etc. Make the team’s adventures feel like a cross between Incredibles and Rick and Morty 4 points submitted 6 days agoIt has to be one of […]

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Use the Rule of 3: There is an old storytelling and writing concept known as the Rule of 3. The premise is that things that come in threes are funnier, more memorable, and generally more engaging. You can find evidence of this everywhere from fairy tales to memorable speeches to Hollywood movies. So, Due to […]

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Corns on the toe are downright painful and definitely cause a lot of discomfort when wearing shoes. I wish the doctor had given some type of antibiotic treatment to my dear Auntie who has a corn on her second toe on the top due to hammertoe. It is irritated by just about any kind of […]

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1 point submitted 28 days agoI Colombian and go down there a lot (Barranquilla) and I would be really careful because rip currents are really bad. When I was in Cartegena last December I was on a little boat trip and the captain said there some random reef breaks off the coast of Cartegena that […]

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I don believe it needs to be someone in the same industry but it does help at times. You need to find someone that you absolutely 100% trust and can be completely transparent with. I personally like the idea of paying for coaching because a coach should be someone who is busy but when you […]

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Okay, Cuban is an agitator. The plodding, grinding style employed by teams like Virginia would never succeed in the NBA, and certainly isn helping those players make the leap into the pros. Is it effective? Absolutely. If your thinking of going to a university then definitely be certain about 2 things and they are, what […]