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According to the account in Genesis 14 and 15, Abraham demonstrated another leadership lesson which is biblical leaders place their faith in God alone. Abraham demonstrated this principle in two ways. First, he refused to take any of the plunder he recovered when he rescued his nephew nor did he take any special gifts from […]

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Western Kentucky fans are hoping the second time is a charm when it comes to five star big men picking the Hilltoppers. It didn’t work out well the first time, with Mitchell Robinson signing with Western Kentucky only to wind up sitting out the 2017 18 college basketball season altogether. Rick Stansbury hit it big […]

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XX8, an infuriating mashup of Roman and Arabic numerals, signifies that this is the 28th edition of the shoe. It reportedly took Hatfield two years to design it; a pair will retail for a cool $250. The kicks made theirNBA debut on Tuesday night when Oklahoma City Thunder Westbrook wore in a game against the […]

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Back when my bike was made, Santa Cruz didn publish reach, stack, bb offset/height, trail, or ht length. I tried measuring those missing stats myself so that I could compare to the 2019 bikes, but things just weren adding up. In the end, I just want to know where my ass and hands will be […]

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A little effort early in life can keep one healthy for a long time. Just 30 minutes of brisk walk and 10 minutes of stress exercise is all that is required. Once you start working out, it becomes like an addiction. N’en reviens pas de la quantit de partages de l’article du Journal sur les […]

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A player, the uniform means everything, Coughlin said. You put that uniform on, you not only represent your franchise, your team, your community. You represent your family. Not trying to be a debbie downer here (especially in light of a new upgrade to the south endzone), but just being realistic. Mizzou has trouble filling its […]

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A very well written slog, that has tons of interesting chapters (I love the chapter with Dijkstra and Thyssen, for example) and characters (Regis, Cahir, even Skellen), but the main character moves at a pace that would make people think the camping chapters in Deathly Hallows moved too fast. And on top of that, he […]

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The result: Tasty One Top, an induction cooktop that syncs with the Tasty smartphone app to guide would be chefs through different recipes. A built in sensor and companion thermometer track temperature, so the app can tell users when to flip a steak, for example, to make sure it medium rare. Other companies, such as […]

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30 Aug 2013Article in PeerJ PrePrintsPublication detailsJournalForest EcosystemsDateAccepted/In press 27 Nov 2017DateE pub ahead of print (current) 8 Jan 2018Issue number7Volume5Number of pages14Pages (from to)1 14Early online date8/01/18Original languageEnglishAbstractCanopy structure, defined by leaf area index (LAI), fractional vegetation cover (FCover) and fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation (fAPAR), regulates a wide range of forest functions […]