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Some of the best moments of my life have been wrapped in peace and quiet. Like standing under a black sky with a billion stars overhead, and no other light. Or walking along a deserted road in the softly falling snow. INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: strawberry and kiwi. Get your daily dose of vitamin C! Ounce per […]

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Age discrimination is a serious issue. It is more difficult to prove than discrimination based on race, sex, religion, or disability. It also takes a heavier toll than other forms of discrimination on the health of victims, research shows. Pour son premier long mtrage, Julien Hallard a eu une belle ide du moins sur le […]

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Questionne les morts. Fouille dans les ruines. Dcortique les manuscrits. That’s exactly how I feel about the internet sometimes. I’ve spent a lot of time online, enough time that I feel like I understand it or, failing that, am at least aware of every fringe group that hangs out here. But every time I feel […]