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So maybe you’re the type that scours YouTube for the latest music videos and maybe you’re addicted to services like Spotify and Pandora. If so, you have probably heard something from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. The duo’s been rapping since 2000. Even though its getting warm outside, I have a space heater that I occasionally […]

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We are producing more and more single use plastic every year, and much of it is ending up in the environment. This plastic in our environment has entered our food chain as even plankton are consuming microplastics from our disposable and toxic culture. Glamorous projects like your prototype shoe, or even Parlay’s collaboration with G […]

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That’s what you kept saying. This crazy idea. How did that happen? Well, basically it was generated from two place, basically the running track at Oregon where we were always filling the shoes and Stanford business school where I wrote about the track view industry and how to break into it and so the two […]

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Reporter: Something about this commercial, the image of the overweight kid struggling down a country road, struck a chord with millions around the world. Online messages supporting nathan poured in. Many from overweight people. Man, everybody ecstatic, Demski said. Hear from my family every day, every week. Friends are always out at the game, watching. […]

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In one of his many tweets about the player protests, Trump insisted issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race. It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this! But it escaped no one that Trump had uncorked his attack in a state with an ugly history of […]

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Emerging Churches by definition cannot be fundamentalist or liberal, as both of these formulations are captive to modern formulations (scriptural foundations or individual experience). Emerging Churches are missional communities (‘live with them’, not ‘come to us’) that form local, contextual theologies. So, the missionary that seeks to live incarnationally must let go of her/his fundamentalist […]

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Contact Us,”Yardbird’s appeal borrows from other factors beyond the buoyant bill of fare. The farmhouse dcor, American blues music, and overall ambiance are synchronized with the Southern American fare to the extent of enhancing the meals like some secret seasoning. Yardbird hits all the right notes with a menu of “”small plates”” and “”big plates.”” […]

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Au del du contrat, il y a la loyaut et un code d’honneur respecter. Il y a aussi le respect des Il y a quelqu’un qui l’a embauch malgr tout. Si Justin (le coordonnateur offensif du Rouge et Or de l’Universit Laval) m’offrait ses services deux semaines du d du camp d’entra je lui dirais […]