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Simpson murder case did for DNA testing. It could educate the public those folks who are paying attention, anyway about an important intersection of law and medicine. Legitimate questions about whether the medical history of Bryant’s accuser should play a role in his sex assault trial have been far overshadowed by the typical knee jerk […]

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The healthcare sector makes use of the wrist wearable devices in both remote and clinical healthcare to monitor healthcare, followed by information control. In Information control, the wrist wearable devices are used as information control equipment and are even remotely used in devices such as smartphones and tablets. The entertainment sector utilizes the devices to […]

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“Companies need to take a public stand on issues that are affecting consumers in advance of being co opted,” said Heide Gardner, chief diversity and inclusion officer at IPG, one of theworld’s largest advertising andmarketing conglomerates. “Brands need to build a certain level of sophistication around racial issues. They need to be really mindful of […]

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Hedley tour to promote a new album was dogged by controversy at every stop, as the hashtag gathered steam. The group finished the 32 stop tour, but announced its members were taking an indefinite break to work on their relationships and who we are as individuals. Ottawa woman filed a police complaint in March.. Blockchain, […]

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Following the news of the passing of Nelson Mandela at the age of 95, millions of people in South Africa and around the world have been in mourning. His image, writes Rick Stengel, TIME’s former managing editor and collaborator with Mandela on Mandela’s 1993 autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, “has become a kind of fairy […]