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Start by standing tall with your feet together. Then lunge one leg backwards until your back foot touches the ground and your back knee travels towards the ground. Keep your front knee positioned over your front foot and the majority of your body weight centered over your front leg.

It would be bad enough if three panelists for hire deigned to second guess a ruling rendered by a sovereign country’s court system. (That, in fact, is what an investor state tribunal has done to the United States in a past case filed by a Canadian corporation what another tribunal is currently considering with respect to Canadian courts’ rulings on two drug patents the similarly extraordinary investor privileges of the North American Free Trade Agreement.) the extrajudicial tribunal siding with Chevron is going a step further: it is acting as if the sovereign court ruling and two decades of trial never happened. In its recent decision, the tribunal barely made mention of the domestic ruling in Ecuador, or of the preceding 18 years of litigation spanning two nations.

It was Miguel Lpez de Legazpi, the founder of Manila and first Governor General of the Philippines, who first spotted the area, which he dismissed then as a worthless swamp. Legazpi asked the name of the place but, because of the language barrier, was misinterpreted by the natives. Pointing to the receding tide of Pasig River, the natives answered, “Makati, kumakati na” meaning “ebbing tide.”.

I think he would be a fabulous bad guy! I see him as doing a Cam like personality, a little gay. A bit goofy and silly. But underneath that act is a cold blooded, ruthless, criminal mastermind. Were you tempted by the fears of failure into panicked selling? Did you think you were smarter than the market, being able to forecast better the likely outcome? If that was the case, it’s time for a remedial course on the winning strategy. Your homework is to read, or re read, my two posts on the crisis that appeared last week. Additionally, I want you to ponder the following bit of irony: Wall Street is close to new highs, while Washington’s ratings are at, or at least close to, all time lows..

1 point submitted 5 days agoBased on the other stuff you posted in the thread I don think you have much leverage for negotiating your pay plan, but I guess it wouldn hurt to try as long as you smart about it. And if you don know what I mean by being smart about it than you probably not in the position to be negotiating your pay anyway. You been selling for 3 months and pushing metal.

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