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MUMBAI/NEW DELHI Corruption, black money, terrorism, fake currency Prime Minister Narendra Modi resolved to eliminate all in one stroke when he announced India biggest ever cash ban on Nov. 8 last year.However, the short term costs of his move are outweighing the benefits. He invalidated 86 per cent of currency in circulation, saying the move was essential to combat graft and terrorism, often funded with cash or counterfeit bills.

“Coach Jones is known for going out hard and he likes racing aggressively,” McCandless said. “Before this race he texted and he was like, ‘Patience early.’ And then I go out to a lead in the first half a mile and I thought, ‘I don’t know if this is patient, but it feels kind of comfortable.’ Once I had established myself in the lead I needed to keep that. Somebody was with me for a little while and I felt a slight break.

“When I went back home to Turks and Caicos and talked to my dad and he thought about it and said it was a good idea. Back home stuff is going bad. It’s not the best place to raise your kids. Disney Social Clubs (their preferred nomenclature) eschew motorcycles and switchblades in favor of flying elephants and snow cones. They’re very kid friendly, accepting of all races, genders, and sexual orientations, and extremely respectful of other organizations. It’s basically how gangs in Canada work.

In an hour long news conference, Bolden accepted the blame for the way the NASA work force was informed of President Barack Obama’s plans to dismantle the Constellation moon exploration program. In the proposed budget that was released Monday, Mr. Obama set NASA on a new post shuttle path.

Talk about fitspiration! Here is a woman who didn’t even begin running until her late 40s. Now she regularly competes in one of the toughest feats of athleticism around. Did we mention that not only is Buder the oldest woman to ever complete an Ironman, but she also holds the record for fastest finishing time (16 hours and 32 minutes) for the 85 to 89 age group? Boss!.

Lewis, S. L. 1 Jan 2014Article in Carbon Balance and Management. I stopped by the same food stands that served everything from salt fish to dry rub ribs to vegan Rasta food. I went to the same beaches and drank ice cold Presidente. I rented a jeep and just got engulfed in the whole island life as portrayed in that small episode.

It’s crazy that both of these reports are probably true. What it shows is the huge gap between consumers and brands (and the agents representing the brands). It also shows a huge opportunity for nimble organizations who get digital and social and who aren’t afraid to talk with (and not just to) its customers..

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