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I wouldn’t put it as like, my album of the year or anything (Ta13oo or ?, imo) But it was really up there. A solid 7 8/10 imo. I’ll listen to the rest of his discography later tonight. These seemed to be due to many factors the checkers trying to respond to the “no” answers to their asking if the customers had found everything they were looking for, the massive use of coupons and various “award” gimmicks, the lack of free bags and baggers, and confusion over swiping one’s card and shoving it into the newly purchased (and therefore subtly different capable of either swiping or shoving and incorporating strange unexplained symbols) credit card device and leaving it until it said you can take it. I found the entire exercise frustrating, partly because I had only a few articles and the “under 15” aisle that was open was clogged with people having many more than their allotted number. And I was not looking forward to entering the traffic again to take my meager purchases home..

“I don’t know quite yet. I know the players probably like that camp’s a little shorter,” he said. “You have to be really organized and as a coach you have to get really comfortable with how quickly you implement stuff rather than trying to get everything in, so to speak.

For those of us that enjoy having some space to workout, we know we just have to get through January, and everything will be back to normal. For those of us that have tried and failed to commit to a New Year’s fitness resolution, we know that the hardest part isn’t starting, but finishing. Come February, the motivation has died down, the plans have become hard to keep up with, and the excitement of going to the gym is no longer there.

Roberts: I had a very specific kind of image of (Miranda). I liked the look just something very no nonsense hair wise. I was going to try to build in this contrivance of it being a work wig, and maybe one time, when I go to see my daughter, I wouldn’t have the wig on.

On Wednesday, I asked what my students thought about this. Our first order of business was to define I asked them to Google the word and in seconds we had the definition and I wrote it on the board:To dig deeper, I asked my students another question. What if I found out that the shirt I was wearing was made by children in a sweatshop? Should I stop wearing the shirt and refuse to buy more like it? You recall some years ago Nike being implicated in the use of sweatshop labor.

Winning road trip, you take that every single time, said Atlanta first baseman Freddie Freeman, who had three hits. You have to lose a battle to win the war. I thought what Wes Parsons did was absolutely huge for this ballclub. Wednesday’s indictments did not include Sepp Blatter FIFA’s longtime president, who is expected to be re elected to a fifth term Friday and a FIFA spokesman pledged Blatter was not involved with any of the alleged corruption, and that the organization welcomes this investigation. Anyone familiar with FIFA’s reputation will greet these claims with skepticism. Indicts world soccer officials in alleged $150 million FIFA bribery scheme].

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