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The educational program at the park gets high marks from Trevor. “They’re aligned with quality standards up there that cross into the classroom and support teachers with their work. I can’t say enough about the resources and quality of the experience.

The garden will supply food for the school and educate the students who care for it. The first site was deemed too close to the soccer field (the Director was concerned that the boys might destroy the garden) so it is being re located to a safer area. This project was envisioned by an incredible student from the Oakland College Preperatory School, Callie Roberts.

This group in general was so talented they whopped everyone in their division and could have done well in the 6th grade division. Proctor is a player I’ve heard about but haven’t had a chance to watch in the past. She’s a feisty on ball defender and her ability defensively leads to lots of easy baskets and assists.

There was one piece that we had to cut for legal reasons that I still feel should be in the book and the book will always feel incomplete without it. But her piece was about being physically abused by her father and deciding when she got married to cut herself completely away from her father and mother and start her own family. We couldn’t print it because it would implicate the father in certain ways that might have caused us some legal.

“We’re very happy for Brooke in taking the next step in her coaching career,” Bokker said. “Brooke has been a dedicated part of Stanford Lacrosse. I certainly appreciate all she has done to help build the program. Now one thing you have to remember, there was always a rather large amount of genetic flow in ancient Egypt, particularly in the Delta and along the southern border with Nubia, so there was already some common ancestry between the Arabs of the Arabian peninsula and the ancient Egyptians. Adding in a little more Arab ancestry to mix didn’t lead to a huge change in the people themselves. It was the conversion to Islam, the adoption of Islamic culture, and the language change to Arabic which made the biggest impact.

As for stores that will be carrying the watch next month, there are only 17 North American retail outlets listed including Apple Stores in Eaton Center and Yorkdale in Toronto, Aventura and Miami Beach in Florida, The Grove in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Santa Monica. Herms boutiques to be selling the watch include Beverly Hills, Miami and San Francisco. The only third party retailer listed so far is Maxfield in Los Angeles.

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