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CGI Group Inc. Rose 6% on Monday on reports that Computer Sciences Corp. Is looking to sell itself in two parts, with its government business expected to go to a financial buyer, and its commercial and infrastructure business likely going to a strategic buyer.If there is interest from CGI, it would likely be for the commercial asset, which Raymond James analyst Steven Li estimates could potentially be accretive to CGI earnings by roughly 24%.His model assumes CGI acquires CSC Global Business Services business at 8x estimated 2015 EBITDA (an enterprise value of $5.58 billion), and the deal is financed with $3.2 billion in debt and $2.38 billion of equity (at $50 per share).

“Lowe’s had a series of Vines called ‘six second how tos’ that were stop motion animation of watching tools perform tasks in ways you wouldn’t necessarily think that they could do. My favorite one, the one that I can think of: If you have a stripped screw, you can put a rubber band on top of the screw and stick the screwdriver through the rubber band, and it gets the screw out! I’ve used that because of Lowe’s vine! They’re really informative. I would tell people about that, because they’re really cool little videos.”.

Women are (and have been) dominating the coming out “game,” if we can call it that. Like Brittney, many female athletes have done so in a way that is both courageous and humble. Within the WNBA alone, there are out professional athletes who should also be making headlines.

The act of diffusing , or dispensing oils so that the aroma is dispersed around a room of a natural fragrance. Each oil or blend can be dispensed through any of the devices and methods availabl below. The least expensive is no less effective than the most expensive, although the degree of automation, safety and personal involvement differs as you move up the line in complexity..

FICTITIOUS NAME iThe undersigned do certify they ire conducting a business al 841 Sast Washington Blvd., Pasadena, California, under the fictitious firm name of CALIFORNIA WESTERN WESTERN INDUS TRIES and that said’iirm Li com posed Vof the following: whose names In full mid, of residence are as follows: IV E. Spinelli. 4910 ‘West Blvd.

Although Erik Spoelstra says this is not the primary reason he and his wife, Nikki, chose that name for their newborn son, one of the first birthday gifts Erik gave Nikki was the novel, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho. The book follows the journey of a young Andalusian shepherd boy name Santiago. Andalusia is an autonomous community in southern Spain..

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