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Blake’s friend intervenes and says that Blake deserves a chance to defend himself. Marvin agrees with the logic of this plea, and Blake chooses to settle things with a slam dunk contest. A slam dunk contest ensues, and it looks like Blake is going to lose out to Marvin’s dope moves, which is unfortunate because he and the Clippers already lost this year and Blake could probably use some good news, and also because the penalty for losing is actual death.

That is true, and I find that a great character flaw to be honest. But on the other side of the argument, Sylvanas likely believes that if Arthas, once one of the most virtuous paladins and a beloved prince can turn evil, so can Anduin or anyone for that matter. It’s no surprise that her mentality is basically kill or be killed.

When I traveled a lot I used to get updates from them on docs in the regions I was going to who would be familiar with stuff that might impact Americans. I would’nt expect a Brit doc to look for Lyme disease. Amof I wouldn’t expect an Arizona doc to look for it either..

Great work on the updates jkili! I just upgraded from 1.3.2 to check out the new features. Would it be possible to display the runs in descending order ? I have like 50 pages of runs so its difficult to page through them. In 1.3.2 the notes were truncated and the table row height was the same.

Find out where the boho style came from and how to dress boho. Then add assessories to enhance your boho look. Certainly more effort and materials had gone into the making of a pair of women’s boots? Perhaps I am wrong. Have fun with it! There are a ton, a ton, a ton of cool things being done with Python, C, etc. Like AI? Start playing with some AI stuff. With web languages, I was always focused on making a presentation to the user, but with the “desktop” stuff, I motivated more by what I can do that impressive to me personally..

But, no, I feel happy to be here. Being honest, I am enjoying the day by day on the tour and I hope to keep doing this for a while. 10 time winner will next face a familiar foe, 11th seed Diego Schwartzman, who rallied from two sets down to beat Kevin Anderson 1 6 2 6 7 5 7 6 (7 0) 6 2.

We all humans and we all have a soul. I not there to crush anybody soul. I just there to try and be honest, to be constructive and to try and have a good time. Maxim Scleral Lens this is a semi sclera design. It is reputed to perform well on dry eyes and irregular corneas including keratoconus, corneal trauma, pellucid marginal degeneration, penetrating keratoplasties, post LASIK and RK patients. It incorporates a technology that is designed to obtain corneal alignment.

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