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1. Barack Obama: He alienated his supporters in Congress, demoralized the Democratic base and suffered two embarrassing votes in which his own party rejected his agenda before the international community. The administration’s talks with Rep. Exploring the future land use biodiversity climate nexus in East Africa: an application of participatory scenario analysisCapitani, C., Norfolk, O., Platts, P. J., Burgess, N., Mukama, K., Malugu, I., Munishi, P. Marchant, R.

Mobile payment adoption in this country has not gone well, but there this belief that somehow tomorrow there going to be widespread adoption of people paying for things with one of a thousand different cryptos.People yelled for ages about how “Apple Pay gonna disrupt Visa” and that was immensely irritating from the standpoint of those people had apparently put no thought into the idea of what people were using to pay for things via Apple Pay.The main one for me in regards to disruption of cards and this would not be massive disruption but it would cause real concern is Amazon getting into financial products.I do like the fact that GE is now so bad that people are using it as a descriptor.JasonMckennan5425234 1 point submitted 1 day agoI still think the discussion of crypto as a possible disruptor to credit cards is complete fantasy and remains the belief of crypto evangelists who ponder what they like to see without any thought towards whether it realistic or not.There are payment cards you can get right now which allow you to have your value stored in bitcoin then use it at any regular card swipe machine. It uses visa network I think but it is a start because eventually you can upgrade the machines and network to do everything purely on the network (lightning network or using 0 confirmation transactions).Overall though, I would be very careful about dismissing crypto because I have seen incredibly smart people from Stanford, Berkeley etc who are very interested in advancing this technology or building companies around it. It is more popular among tech savvy millennials than anything else really.If crypto is to go mainstream then I see it more as a 50 year long term trend and I see it going mainstream in smaller countries with unstable currencies.dvdmovie1 1 point submitted 1 day agoIt not a matter of dismissing crypto as an asset class (although the incessant hard selling evangelism around the asset class from many not you, but many is a considerable turn off), it a matter of the view that I hear constantly of “crypto gonna replace credit cards imminently.” People are not going to be transacting en masse for all manner of daily transactions in crypto any time soon, if ever.”I see it going mainstream in smaller countries with unstable currencies.”dvdmovie1 20 points submitted 2 days ago”but this is pretty clearly a material misrepresentation of fact around the details and status of this buyout plan.”They should have taken away his Twitter account ages ago.

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