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“But when you get to the championship game, if you love the sport, how could you not watch it? If you love college football, these are two excellent teams. It’s an excellent match up. I didn’t love the Patriots or the Falcons, but you sure watched the Super Bowl and enjoyed the drama.”.

I bought one of these cards and being the stingy and unscrupulous graphic design student that I was saw an oopportunity apply my skills for convenience and profit. I scanned it and re created it digitally, down to the exact stretching of the fonts and misalignment of the punch hole guides. It was all remarkably easy, given my training up to that point with design software, until I encountered a limit of my medium..

Fields dominated by women as nursing, social work, and teaching typically less compensated than fields that are predominantly male, like finance. This has less to do with the skills involved and more to do with gendered preconceptions of what kind of work is valuable (spoiler: it not the kind traditionally done by women). Even full time female physicians make about 24% less than their male colleagues overall, according to a new report.

Mr. Bell, a Marine brat who said he attended more than 30 high schools as his family moved around, served as a medic for the Air Force in Vietnam, and began his broadcasting work on the military’s station in Okinawa, Japan, where he once stayed on the air as a DJ for 116hours nonstop, earning an entry in Guinness World Records. (He also held the record for seesawing while broadcasting 57 hours.

To some degree, of course, Johnson is enjoying the honeymoon phase of his NBA career. How many times have we seen players break public bread with a new coach after his hiring only to toss it in his face a few months later? And at the end of the day, fans don’t care if Mother Teresa is in charge of the refs: if Joey Crawford misses that goal tending call at the end of a Lakers game or sends Kobe to the showers early, all of Los Angeles will be calling for his head. The refs need more than a leader with an impressive r and Johnson knows it.

The No. 1 athletic footwear marketer will conclude its “Fun Police” ad campaign with a 60 second commercial slated to break during the first game of the National Basketball Association finals. The spot, from Wieden Kennedy, Portland, Ore., has the Fun Police Nike endorsing NBA stars charged with bringing fun back to basketball on the case of a referee whose calls are taking the fun out of the game..

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