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Resistance bands come in a variety of types, lengths and tensions. Some are flat in composition, while others consist of a tubular band that’s often surrounded by a protective material. The latter option comes with handles for gripping, while the former type lacks hand grips.

You never know when you may need access to information from the past. Filling out forms at a doctor’s appointment, a billing dispute with your credit card company or a banking error that caused your account to be overdrawn require that you have information at your fingertips. Although you are still dealing with physical paper you will be organized and will be prepared if the need arises..

I always drank with the intention of getting drunk, and that would probably be the case today if I were to have “just one.” One would turn into eight. Then I’d wake up the next morning remembering almost nothing of the night before, reminding me why I stopped drinking in the first place. I’ll never understand why some people care if I have a drink or not or why they try to convince me to have “just one.” Just trust me when I say that you don’t want me to have one, because it won’t be just one..

It’s usually right after employers find out that she is trans that the application process ends.She was able to find a little relief at the April 4 career fair at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada, knowing the 20 plus booths were vetted and LGBT friendly.Organizations in Southern Nevada are trying to provide more resources for LGBT individuals searching for work. The career fair, which the Center hosts twice a year, is just one of them.Connie Shearer, a volunteer with the Center who organized the event, said she often receives comments from participants detailing their struggles with finding employment.”It’s a bigger problem than people are willing to admit, especially for trans people,” she said. “This means something for them to talk with a (job recruiter at the fair) and be given the same dignity and respect a heteronormative person is given during an interview.”Unemployment and workplace discrimination is still something the community faces nationally.According to Out and Equal Workplace Advocates, a nonprofit that advocates for workplace equality for LGBT people, one in four LGBT employees have reported they’ve experienced discrimination at work.

The Polish league is just one of several participants in the Battle of the Nations, a world championship taking place in Croatia (presumably because Croatia has lax laws regarding dealing out myriad sword welts to total strangers). And before you even ask yes, there’s an American team. So get to polishing that armor if you’re ready to trade in your weekend cosplay for something a bit more .

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