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Easynvest Investimentos .. The financial market is always undergoing several transformations today it is possible to invest in Bitcoin for example. Both companies and individuals are looking for ways to increase their investments and thereby earn a greater financial return. Learning how to invest properly and knowing how the market is is one of the ways to not lose money. Easynvest is a stock brokerage that helps you invest your money in the best possible way.

Planning your investments is the best way before you start investing. You need to ask yourself what your goal is, know where you want to go and how your financial situation is. Write down everything you own of goods and what your debts and expenses are. Remember to write it down as it makes your life easier to plan.

Anyone who is starting now in the investment world should look for a securities broker like Easynvest . Its main objective is to present to the new investors all the investments available in the market. These investments may be Shares, Funds and Treasury Direct. It is important that the new investor knows that investing is the same as employing money saved on something that brings you financial returns.


What is it, and how does Easynvest work?

What is it, and how does Easynvest work?

Easynvest is an existing securities brokerage business for more than 50 years, whose main mission is to offer investments that are appropriate to the objectives of its clients. It was the first brokerage to offer the service of buy and sell of shares in an platform of investments by Internet. It currently offers the best services in the markets of Fixed Income, Variable Income and its derivatives.

One of the biggest advantages that the company has is, without doubt, the direct language that it has with the young people, being present in several social networks. In addition, it is also a leader in Treasury Direct investments, with around 100,000 investors currently. Investing has never been easier and investing with Easynvest is zero-rate, fast, secure, and no complication guaranteed.

What is Easynvest’s zero-rate secret?

Generally, people who are starting to invest usually opt for fixed income, usually investing in Treasury Direct. The rate is zero at Easynvest as no management, investment or maintenance fees are charged for Fixed Income (Private Securities, Direct Treasury, COE and Debentures) investments.

How to register and start investing?

Before you use the Easynvest platform you need to make a registration that takes only a few minutes. You can register for the site, or the application that can be downloaded on iOS or Android devices.

It is very easy to do this registration. To make your life easier, we did a simple step by step. Check it out next.

  1. Access the official website or application and fill in the requested information;
  2. It is very important that you fill in the email and name information correctly because you will receive important information by email;
  3. Access the inbox of your chosen email – you will receive a message with all your login information;
  4. Go back to the site or application, fill in all other information that is requested, and then your registration is analyzed;
  5. If positive, approval takes place in minutes;
  6. When the request is not approved, you should send a photo of some ID or proof of residence.

All the information you provide is extremely confidential, meaning no one has access to it, so you have nothing to worry about. Easynvest maintains a very strict security system with its own rules and procedures that guarantee absolute secrecy and security of the information provided.

Open an account with Easynvest with a CPF restriction, can you?

The answer is yes. Even if you have restrictions on some credit protection agencies and have the name denied, you can open an account at Easynvest and start investing today without any hassles or impeding bureaucracies.

Unlike other types of financial transactions, working with investments does not require your name to be clean. This is undoubtedly a very great facility for those who want to increase their income and do not want to be left alone in the savings.


What is the minimum amount to start investing?


What is the minimum amount to start investing?

The minimum amount for you to start investing will depend on the risk you want to spend and what financial return you want to have. For example, if you intend to acquire public bonds, the minimum amount will be $ 30.00. Investments made in Private Fixed Income generally have a minimum value of R $ 5,000.00.

Do you understand that your investment will depend on your goals? That is why it is very important to know where you want to go.

What is the Treasury Direct?


The Federal Government finances its public debts through the issuance of public bonds by the National Treasury. It’s like a loan. When you acquire a public title, you make a loan to the Government and are guaranteed to receive that money with interest in the future.

When you make the option to invest in Treasury Direct, this investment is considered low risk, since these securities are 100% guaranteed by the National Treasury. Make sure you get to know Easynvest and start diversifying your investments today!


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