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Using hundreds of patients, Reilly was able to show a noticeable improvement in patients taking a homeopathic remedy over those in the control group. Tests on different allergies produced similar results. Yet the scientific community called these results into question because they could not explain how the homeopathic medicines could have worked.. Readers What kind […]

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That makes it easier for us to work together to change the leadership. People talk about those two social media platforms, but there are so many, and there are many new exciting ones. Everything from Dropbox, which is a way to store data, to Evernote, which affects how you share information, to Pinterest, which is […]

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All this is something of a change in soccer aesthetics. Not long ago, demure black boots made with thin kangaroo leather were still the dominant look among professionals. With so many players now turning to high visibility synthetic uppers backed by enough technology for a James Bond film, that’s changed somewhat. That one thing to […]

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Originally, the Bears intended to send five players to last weekend’s tournament, but a series of injuries and an NCAA clearance issueAs one fleet returns home, a new squad of Cal women’s tennis players will hit the road this weekend to compete at the Saint Mary’s Invitational in Moraga, Calif. The annual tournament will begin […]

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3 points submitted 5 days agoMine is a huge barker and it can be pretty piercing in an apartment at times. Barks at anything and everything. Sheds fucking everywhere. Here’s what I do: my training shoes are more cushioned than my race day gear. The extra cushion (and added weight) are good during training, both […]

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Notre poque est marque par le nihilisme, et le ressentiment est le signe distinctif du nihilisme. La petitesse, qui est grande, fait la loi et avec elle les passions tristes : l’envie, la jalousie, la mchancet, la btise. Ces passions l sont le carburant de la presse idologique de gauche qui prfre une ide dbile […]

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There is no real way to thank them for what they are doing. I’ll leave that up to God. But I know that He looks at these boys swinging bats and catching balls and smiles at them and their coaches. Came out and were like, is better than we thought, senior Brock Harrison said. Thought […]

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So with that this call will be led by our CFO Andy Campion and me. So let’s turn to the results we delivered in Q3 and the strong momentum we’re building as we look forward. Simply put the Consumer Direct Offense is working. The CDC estimates that 75 percent of all health care spending is […]

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We know that the last thing teenagers generally want after getting that paycheck is getting mom or dad to tell them how to spend it. So those are not easy conversations, so we thought this would be a good time to bring in our parenting roundtable for some more real talk about money. With us […]